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WeMade Things Possible

Can you open the secret?
East and West.
Loyalty to centuries-old traditions and daring experiments.
Cosy atmosphere, and raucous parties with life music.
Food that is familiar to everyone on one hand, and gourmet gastronomy on the other.
How did we manage to combine everything in one restaurant? This is the secret. Those can uncover it, if only will open the doors of our flavour, wealth and graciousness Oasis.

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More,Than Just A Restaurant

Better tried once, than read hundred times
If a guest can guess ingredients and spices of an exquisite dish easyly, a chef has failed. A true master creates new flavours, instead of mixing the old ones.

Casual dining format, an open kitchen, the unique firewood grill, the authentic Pizza-oven, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines, Vip rooms, Children’s corner, effective space managment, and fusion style interior design… The restaurant would not worth your attention if listing these things could represent our restaurant. Altogether, The Secret becomes the way into the unforgettable world of hospitality and enogastronomy. This is when the whole thing is more than just its collected parts.

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